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A Trauma Survivor's Anti-Workbook

#RECOVERY IN REAL TIME is a concise and user-guided walk through the trauma survivor's recovery experience. With survivor-focused hashtags like #DenialisContagious, #ReasonCanFail, #LyingisSurvival, #TherapyisTerrifying, #MediaDistortsTrauma and #WeAreNotNormal, this Anti-Workbook provides survivors and their loved ones with relevant and poignant highlights of the cycle of recovery which includes major stages such as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.


#RECOVERY IN REAL TIME is a new self-help approach for the millennial mind. It is a non-fiction book with an anti-workbook length and approach that meets survivors' need for digestible, yet realistic, snapshots of the recovery process in 125 hashtags.