# Recovery in Real Time: We are TOO BUSY for this! (A vlog)

Publishing for a Change, LLC presents Gail Dickert, author of #RecoveryInRealTime as she shares more about the writing process behind her "Anti-Workbook" for surviving multiple traumas. For the first time on Publishing for a Change, LLC, Gail shares directly in the form of a 8-minute vlog. (Shorter vlogs to follow in August 2017)

How does it feel when the therapeutic process interferes with our daily lives? #WeAreTooBusyForThis addresses that moment when the last thing we want to do is pause, and give MORE time to the recovery experience.

But, it is in these moments, that we honor the losses, show acceptance of ourselves, and contain what must be contained, so we can function well on a complicated and sometimes difficult path.

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